Nashville-based singer-songwriter Brittany Ray has developed a unique sound that stands out in Music City. Growing up in Dubuque, Iowa, Ray’s household was filled with music ranging from her mother’s karaoke renditions of classic country songs, to her brother’s punk/rock guitar stylings. Drawing influence from both of these diverse musical backgrounds, Brittany’s music incorporates catchy melodies and driving electric guitar riffs with storytelling lyrics.

Brittany dove into music as soon as she could. She began singing sometime around age 4, and soon after started taking piano and guitar lessons. By age 16, Brittany was taking trips down to Nashville and developed her songwriting skills with established songwriters such as Stephanie Bentley, Joe West, and Rob Crosby. Her first recorded and released song was a duet written and sung with Richie McDonald from Lonestar entitled “Love Is Worth It.” Though she had been commuting back and forth, Brittany’s attendance at Belmont University finally secured her a permanent location in Nashville. In 2016, Brittany released her debut self-titled EP that was produced by #1 country singer Jamie O’Neal. 

You can find Brittany nearly any day of the week playing in Nashville. Some of her most notable performances have been at the Bluebird Cafe, Douglas Corner Cafe, Loser’s, and the Row. She is preparing to release her most recent single “Leather Jacket” on August 23rd.