Although she was born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa, contemporary country/pop artist Brittany Ray always knew she was destined for Music City. Growing up, her house was filled with music from her mother’s karaoke renditions of classic country songs, to her brother’s punk/rock guitar stylings amplified at all hours of the day. Amidst all of the musical commotion, it’s not surprising that she started joining in as soon as she could.

During her middle and high school years Brittany was dedicated to choral, jazz and classical singing. You could find her onstage in every choir and musical her school had to offer. These different genres played an important role in Ray’s musical development, but deep down she knew these pursuits would eventually come to an end. In the midst of Brittany’s high school years, her family made a trip to Nashville that was very influential to her. Country music was what Brittany was raised on as a young girl, but visiting Nashville sparked her interest in the genre once again. Where choral music fell short, country music seemed to fill in the cracks and Brittany was able to pursue singing in a more passionate way than ever before.

At age 16, Brittany started writing and recording with established songwriters and producers in Nashville. Her first release was a duet written and sung with Richie McDonald from Lonestar entitled “Love Is Worth It.” This song got Brittany’s feet wet in the country music world and started her journey as a new artist. In the fall of 2014 she began pursuing a Music Business degree at Belmont University while still writing and crafting her sound even further. Eventually she was put in contact with award-winning country singer Jamie O’Neal who recognized Ray’s talent and began writing and recording with her. Brittany released her five track self-titled EP while still a full time college student. That same year she was selected for Belmont University’s Country Showcase and got the chance to perform her original music in an arena setting.

Ray has always been inspired by the edgy side of country music, taking a particular interest in country rockers Miranda Lambert and Eric Church. She enjoys finding ways to break the traditional barriers of the country genre and is gearing her next release to incorporate elements of her love for punk/rock music, while still staying true to the familiar country sound. Equipped with a rich alto voice and smooth tone, Brittany stands out as a true vocalist with her unique spin on contemporary country music.